Sticking to plan while traveling

It can be tricky to find good, paleo-friendly food while traveling or driving for work. But it isn’t impossible, it just takes a little thought and planning.

About 1-2 weeks ahead, think about any special travel food items you may want to order online like jerky, bars, or dried fruits.

Request a mini-fridge in your hotel room. If necessary, explain that you have food allergies. Alternatively, book a room in a suites/extended-stay venue that has a kitchenette. These are not necessarily more expensive than other types of hotels.

Use a cooler bag with a reliable/leak-proof ice pack to keep foods fresh in your hotel room. Pack your ice pack in your checked luggage wrapped in extra zip-top bags so that it doesn’t leak.

Use lots of small and large zip-top bags. They can not only hold food and prevent spills, but they can be re-used to hold ice from an ice machine or messy trash from your travels.

Prior to your departure date, search online to locate a grocery store like Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, or other organic grocers or natural food co-ops at your destination and stock up when you arrive.

Keep extra protein and fat sources on hand like jerky and nuts or nut butter packets in the event of a flight delay. They’re lightweight, so it’s easy to pack extra. Sophia’s Survival Foods is one of my favorite brands.

Dry foods are perfectly acceptable in carry-on bags, don’t hesitate to bring food on-board with you. This even means leftovers from dinner, a salad, etc. Only liquids or semi-liquids are ever in question.

Dining Out

You can usually find salads with meat at airport food vendors. Simply remove the unwanted ingredients. See a burger on the menu? Ask for it bunless.

Reading reviews ahead of time and searching for popular terms like gluten-free, organic, grass-fed, and even farm-to-table can help take the stress out of deciding where to eat while you’re on the road.

Look at the menu online and call ahead if there is time during non busy times to talk to the chef or kitchen manager about any questions you might have about a dish.

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