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Food prep and meal planning is one of those things that most of us suck at. It is the #1 tool for me personally to stay on track. When I stop doing it I find it harder to stick to my diet restrictions and I tend to go off the rails and suffer the inflammation consequences.

These tools are not essential and certainly not the only way. They are simply my favorite tools at the moment.

This is the blender we use. Yes, there are much more expensive ones out there that I am sure are amazing. For what I do with it, this price point is perfect for us. We use it for much more than smoothies. We puree garlic in it, make avocado pudding (yum!), and quick chop veggies.

So I use 2 different kinds of crockpots. This Cuisinart one is in use nearly every single day. It is a steamer, rice cooker (we make cauliflower “rice” in it), slow cooker and it will hold your food at temp for 24 hours! We often eat dinner and lunch right out of it. The other new addition that we aren’t sure how we ever lived without is an Instant Pot. It will cook chicken from frozen in 20 minutes and hard boil eggs in 5 minutes perfectly every time. It is new so I haven’t done too much with it yet.

Have you ever heard of a Sous Vide? It is not scary. If you hate to cook THIS will save your life. It is a french cooking method and it is EASY. You can batch cook, walk away and forget it and it won’t overcook your food – ever! I really recommend looking into it. We make oatmeal, eggs, steak, and all kinds of fish in ours on a regular basis.

I still use a food processor. I love mine. I typically pull it out once a week and prep all the veggies at once. It really is a time saver and if you give a little thought to the order you process your veggies you can do it quickly with just a quick rinse of the blade. We used to have this smaller version, but a dog at the cup and I haven’t replaced it. We had something similar to this from pampered chef but I haven’t seen it in a while. I need to look around for it.

I adore my Foodsaver. We use it mostly to marinate (and then you can dump it right into the Sous Vide. Bonus!

A food Spiralizer is essential to add in veggies instead of pasta. We make zucchini noodles at least twice a week. I recently bought an electric version of this and I HATE it. Don’t waste your money. A mandolin slicer is another must have. We take that same zucchini and make “lasagna” type noodles. It really is an equitable swap – try it!

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