Healthy Habits

Need some motivation and accountability? We offer healthy habit challenges on line and in person.

Wellness Bucks are redeemable at the rate of 1 US$ for 1 Wellness Buck for any of the services or products at Ask Dr. Stacy. They are not redeemable for cash and never expire.

Challenge rules:

  1. Be honest. You are only cheating yourself in the end.
  2. Monies are forfeit if deadlines are missed.

Weight Loss Challenge Rules:

Goals must be reasonable and predetermined. 1-2 pounds a week loss and/or reduction in total inches and/or reduction in body fat%.


You will be required to join the secret Facebook group to post your progress (pics or it didn’t happen) To qualify you must post a minimum of 15 consecutive days with proof or comment about your healthy habit goal. The time frame is 12:01am-11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. If you stumble, start over. You have 30 days!

Here are the current challenges you can choose:

Weight Loss post daily about your efforts. You don’t have to share your starting number but do give us an update on gains/losses, victories and challenges.

Water Consumption post daily about your efforts. There are numerous trackers available or the good old fashion bottle line up. Take a pic and post your proof daily!

Sleep post daily about your efforts. There are sleep quality trackers or just give us a daily rundown of what time you went to sleep, what time you got up, and your goal: number of hours or healthy bedtime?

Movement/Steps post daily about your efforts. If using a tracking device take a pic and post the proof! Try walking meetings, standing desk treadmills, after hours and lunchtime walking clubs.

Meal Prep post daily about your efforts. Menus, grocery lists, pics of your creations!

Get Thy Butt to the Gym post daily about your efforts. You likely won’t go to the gym daily but post pics when you do and the off days post your plan for your routine, how you feel post workout, etc.

Stress Reduction post daily about your stress reduction efforts, progress, setbacks. Try yoga, tai chi, meditation, coloring, painting, crochet, reading, getting alone time, taking a break from social media, etc. Stress unchecked can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, lethargy and tiredness, fatigue.

Or make your own. As long as it is a Healthy Habit and you can create accountability for it.

The fine print: Wellness Bucks are not redeemable for cash and your entry fee is non refundable. Wellness Bucks are redeemable only for products and services by Dr. Stacy or Crystal Jones so if we are offering someone else’s products in our office, as we do from time to time, these products are not eligible. You must meet the 15 day consecutive posting requirements to qualify – no excuses! No cheating – if you are caught cheating you will be immediately removed from the contest without a refund. (Seriously, you will only be cheating yourself.)

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