Zinc helps with fertility (advanced deficiency of zinc can impair motility and number of sperm), immunity, prevention of hair loss, hormone balance, insulin sensitivity and dopamine production which helps with mood, drive and interest. More than 300 zinc-dependent enzymes are currently known. Even a mild dietary deficiency of zinc can have far-reaching health implications.

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Pumpkin seeds. Not only are they extremely high in zinc, pumpkin seeds also play a role in the prevention of prostate cancer.

Although there is some amount of zinc in foods, no individual food ranks as an excellent source of this mineral. Only five foods rank as very good sources, and 24 foods rank as good sources of zinc. If you are seeking to increase your dietary intake of zinc, this limited number of ranked foods means that you cannot count on any particular food to obtain your daily zinc. This is a great product to boost your zinc intake.

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