Why the “energy balance” paradigm is BS

I know you have heard and probably believe that the way to lose weight is to take in less calories than you need. 


I know you know this in your heart. Haven’t you tried starving yourself and working out for hours a day? Only to lose a little and then gain it all back and more? Over and over?

Weightloss is physics, NOT math. If it worked like math, then you should be able to calculate exactly how much weight you will lose or gain based on how many calories you took in subtracted by the amount of calories burned via exercise and the amount of calories it takes to just exist. All of those numbers are easily known but I bet it has NEVER worked, not even close. Because it is not simply math, calories are not all equal and quality matters.

Children don’t grow taller because they consume more calories than they expend. They need to take in more calories because they are secreting hormones that make them grow taller. There is every reason to believe that the epidemic of obesity is also driven and controlled by hormones – not calories.

The real issue is excess fat accumulation. So what regulates fat accumulation? Primarily insulin. When insulin levels are elevated, we store fat; when the insulin levels fall, we use stored fat as fuel. Insulin release is determined by the amount of carbs we eat. Those carbs that are easiest to digest and sweeter result in more insulin. More insulin in our bloodstream means more fat stored.

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