Fall asleep but can’t stay asleep?

Typically this happens when your blood sugar gets so low that the adrenals give a little shot of glucocorticoids to maintain blood sugar levels and that little bit is you need to wake up. These are the people who wake up in the middle of the night and they start thinking of all the things that they have to do during the day and whomp that’s it, they’re up!

If we maintain a healthy blood sugar, we wouldn’t need the adrenals to provide that extra boost. A protein diet with a good source of healthy oils and supplements to support functional hypoglycemia can be the solution for this kind of insomnia. (Always comes back to diet!)

Do you wake up in the early morning hours?
Are you physically uncomfortable? Is it your mattress? Do you need an adjustment? A session or two of this safe and effective treatment can be life-changing. Is your bedroom noisy? You can overcome this by purchasing a “white noise” generator, an inexpensive but effective device for making soothing sounds (ocean waves, waterfalls, tropical rain, for example) to mask jangling ones. Is your mind overactive? If you can’t sleep because of thoughts whirling through your head, try a 2 minute meditation which can help you put aside the thoughts that are keeping you awake. A few stretches can help, too. Are you getting up to urinate and then not able to get back to sleep? Both caffeine and alcohol can increase nighttime urination. They can also disturb sleep in other ways.

Regardless of the cause of insomnia, sometimes we have to break the sleepless cycle. The past experience of not sleeping and the fear of another sleepless night is almost enough emotional stimulation to increase the very hormones and neurotransmitters that will cause insomnia.

I recommend a natural supplement called De-Stress. De-Stress is a milk peptide derivative that has been shown by the University of Nancy in France to have anti-anxiety properties. De-Stress before bedtime is a safe and natural way to relax and help break the cycle of anxiety associated with sleeplessness.

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