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Congaplex Congaplex is used for short-term support of the immune system.

Supports a healthy immune response
Provides antioxidants
Supports the thymus gland
Contains ribonucleic acid, which your body uses to build new cells†
Contains a combination of key ingredients from Cataplex A-C, Thymex, Calcium Lactate, and Ribonucleic Acid

In a series of cell-culture experiments using immortalized T cells, Standard Process researchers showed that Congaplex affected signals produced by white blood cells. When a substance that provokes an immune response (antigen) is detected by T cells, these immune sentinels release cytokines (like IL-2 or TNF-α) that direct the action of the immune system. Cytokine production increased in the cells supplemented with Congaplex. Further research is needed to determine whether these same effects occur in the human body.

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