Nutritional Supplementation

Nutritional therapy is both an art and a science and supplementation should be individualized. Your nutritional needs are unique to you. One of the strengths of applied kinesiology is that it enables the doctor to assess an individual’s nutritional needs.

Even with a balanced diet it is possible to have nutritional deficiencies. Stress, pollution, poor dietary habits in the past and genetics may make it necessary to supplement a good diet. Unfortunately, most people are unsure about which supplements they need. A custom designed nutritional program ensures that the supplementation you take is appropriate to your needs.

Here are some examples of problems caused by nutritional deficiency:

  • Hay fever sufferers with itchy eyes are frequently deficient in vitamin A.
  • Zinc deficiency can cause immune system problems, sugar cravings or skin problems.
  • Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle spasms or heart arrythmias.
  • Essential fatty acid deficiency can cause skin problems, muscle fatigue or tension headaches.
  • Vitamin B complex deficiencies can cause fatigue or depression.
  • Deficiencies in magnesium, calcium or essential fatty acids can be a source of menstrual cramps.

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